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How to read stock quote of public companies listed on HK Stock Exchange   @
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Interactive Stock Chart

Direction of Use
To find the daily Share Price Graph for a stock listed on Hong Kong Stocks Exchanges just click the respective stock inside the Chart of Yahoo Financial Quote.  Its daily trading graph will be shown on top of the Chart.




65.20 being its Current Price or Closing Price on 10th November, 2015
(+) indicating Rise
(-) indicating Fall

To find the Summary for a stock
Move the mouse cursor over a stock which you expect to find its summary.  After the mouse cursor changing to a hand as shown;


Click the mouse.  The summary for the respective stock will popup as shown;




0001 – 0560   Click_Here_Button_animated_red_transp30                                        0561 – 1120 Click_Here_Button_animated_red_transp30
1121 – 1680 Click_Here_Button_animated_red_transp30                                        1681 – 2240 Click_Here_Button_animated_red_transp30
2241 – 2800 Click_Here_Button_animated_red_transp30                                         2801 – 3360 Click_Here_Button_animated_red_transp30




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